The Change of Music

The DJ duo called the Chainsmokers are the new up and coming version of dance music. Why? Well these two artist are different from the rest. they both started as part time DJ’s doing it here and there, but wanted to make it full time. In a chance of fate the manager of the Chainsmokers introduced Alex and Andrew and immediately hit off. that same week they started working long hours making music they loved.

Together they have made a name for themselves and expanded their horizon’s. Not only do they work with other artist such as Halsey, but they are part of the song writing process every step of the way. They want music people can relate to, that’s why people love their music because they fell connected. Their music is so deep that one of the songs is about hooking up with an ex and realizing why they broke up in the first place.

Not only do they write their own music, but now they have even began to sing in their own song which is unusual for a DJ group. Why not though? If they are going to write the songs why not sing them too? it’s easy to understand why they have a large fan base. Usually around the sixteen to twenty-five year old age, and spanning from the the United Kingdom to China. The Chainsmokers mix it up every chance they get, basically because the audiences are changing.

Their music has afforded them to travel around the world on more than one occasion. They see what different parts of the world are doing and from that experience alone they can create music that everyone will enjoy. Their shows have changed in the sense that now they perform their songs for people live, instead of having a singing artist sing it for them. The Chainsmokers are definitely a force to reckon with and I can’t wait to see where they go next.