Amazing Facts About Scott Rocklage’s Career

Dr. Scott has been the managing partner at 5 AM management Venture LLC since 2004. He joined the venture in 2003 as a venture partner. Scott schooled at the University of California where he received his bachelor`s degree in chemistry.

He later attained his Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he also conducted research in the laboratory of the Nobel award winner in chemistry Richard r Schrock. Scott is also an inventor and a co-inventor in of over thirty patents and also has many reviewed publications. He is based in Boston, MA office and has over three decades of healthcare experience. Learn more about Scott Rocklage:

In the healthcare field, he served various leadership responsibilities that aided in the FDA approval of the close to three US drug applications. Dr. Scott has served various healthcare firms, and he used to be a chief executive officer and chairman of cubist pharmaceuticals, and he currently serves a board chairperson of Rennovia, Kinnestral, and Ciddara. Read more; Sccot Racklage | Bloomberg

As an investor, Dr. Scott encourages entrepreneurs not to be afraid of taking risks as it is the basis for their development. He believes that people who take risks get to develop themselves and learn from their experiences. He also insists that taking risks ensures that you control your future and investment rather than working to develop other investors.

On the other hand, Dr. Scott also encourages investors to be careful about the management team that they hire as they could make their ventures fail. He also supports entrepreneurs not to focus on changing their team of administration in cases where they are less qualified but rather act fast towards managing their business to avoid failure.

Besides, the investor also believes in teamwork and perceives it to be the greatest road to success in a venture. He urges business owners to focus more on people right from the beginning of their venture as well as their thoughts because they could bring an idea for an efficient business if put in action accordingly.

Scott also insists on the importance of time management and believes that people who manage their time well ought to be successful as they perform all their tasks as planned.

DeVos critics shut down by release of charitable donations

The DeVos family, headed by Rich DeVos, the billionaire cofounder of Amway, has routinely made the Forbes list of the most giving families in the United States. Having donated more than $1 billion over the course of 40 years, the DeVos family is the largest single philanthropic entity in the state of Michigan and has long championed local causes around the West Michigan area, where the family originated.


One of the most famous members of the family is Dick DeVos, who is best known to most people for his 2006 failed bid for the governorship of Michigan. Even though he lost, the race was incredibly close, with DeVos losing to then incumbent governor, Jennifer Granholm, by just a few percentage points. DeVos famously spent nearly $40 million of his own money running the campaign, which to this day he does not regret in the slightest.


However, DeVos and his wife Betsy DeVos are not without their critics. Many opponents of the DeVos family have long maintained that their charitable giving was largely in the form of political contributions. Never ostentatious or quick to engage in controversy, Dick DeVos had never found it necessary to reply to these critics, even as their bellowing reached a fevered pitch.


However, after Betsy DeVos was appointed the Secretary of Education by President Trump, as part of the vetting process, she was required to disclose all of her family’s charitable giving over the last decade. For the first time, the public became privy to the actual destination of all of the family’s charitable dollars. The results of this disclosure were quite striking.


Over the last approximately 20 years, DeVos has given away over $100 million of his own personal money to charitable causes. The vast majority of these have been non-political in nature. Over half of the donations have gone directly to education, through the DeVos family philanthropy called Great Lakes Education Foundation.


The vast majority of these donations go directly into the hands of students or directly to the programs that students use on a daily basis. Samples of some of the recipients of DeVos family charity include Compass College of Cinematic Arts, Ferris State University, the Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning School, DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the University of Maryland, Northwood University and many others. The single thread that holds these targets of DeVos largesse together is that almost all of them are located within the state of Michigan.

How Betsy DeVos Supports School Choice

As a lifelong philanthropist, Betsy DeVos has donated to a large number of charities and nonprofits. Her favored types of charities are for education and the arts but she also donates to nonprofits that are dedicated to building leadership as well as churches and other causes. Additionally, she has spent time in leadership positions within the Republican party including serving as the Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party for six years.

Educational reform is the largest cause that Betsy DeVos both donates money to as well as serving in leadership positions for a number of organizations that are dedicated to changing how the educational system works in the United States. Many public schools provide a very poor education to students, especially those where the majority of children come from families earning a low income. Betsy believes that the solution is charter schools that are operated by private companies. She thinks children receive a much better education in this environment and will thus achieve much more in their careers. In order to help parents pay for this, Betsy DeVos proposes tax reforms such as vouchers and tax credits as well as educational savings accounts which will be tax advantaged. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

Two of the educational reform organizations that Betsy has served on the boards of are the American Education Reform Council and Children First America, both of which are national organizations. She has also championed educational reform in her home state of Michigan where she founded the Great Lakes Education Project. This nonprofit pushed for expanded charter schools in Michigan as well as legislation that would help to support that effort. Another educational organization she chaired was the American Federation for Children which also pushed for educational reform on a national basis.

Betsy DeVos points to Florida as one of her biggest achievements in educational reform. Today, through her efforts the state has a tax-credit scholarship program which helps parents pay to have their children attend the school of their choice. While several groups have opposed these reforms in support of public schools, Betsy and the school choice organizations in the state been able to protect the programs that were passed.

Betsy DeVos began serving as the U.S. Secretary of Education in February 2017. She has pledged to serve as an advocate of students and their parents in her support of providing more educational choices being made nationally available. Showing her longtime support of children she has pointed to the 15 years she spent as a mentor to at-risk children within the Grand Rapids Public Schools system. She thinks all children are entitled to a quality education that prepares them well for entry into the job market after graduating from high school and then college.


Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto the Brains behind the Success of InnovaCare

North America has various companies providing healthcare services, but InnovaCare has been in the forefront in providing clients with excellent services. The firm has built a good reputation for offering Medicare Advantage products, and customers have benefited from the service in a big way. InnovaCare has been able to keep and attract new customers by adhering to high customer relation practices. The company has a big number of customers in Puerto Rico area who rely on the Medicaid plan that the firm delivers through affiliate companies such as PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. InnovaCare has been awarded for providing excellent health insurance services to clients in North America. The success of the firm could not have been achieved without the leadership of its executives, Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides, who hold the senior managerial positions in the company.

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Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope joined the company in 2015. She initially held the position of the Vice President of Clinical Operations, but for being excellent on her duties, she got promoted to the post of the Chief Administration Officer. Penelope has been in the health sector for a long time, and she has earned experience required in managing health institutions.

Penelope is excellent in developing medical management strategies, and her skills have helped InnovaCare to expand into new markets. Penelope Kokkinides worked for leading health companies before joining InnovaCare which include Centerlight Healthcare, Touchstone Health and Americhoice. In her previous companies, she held managerial positions that made her suitable for the post of an administration officer at InnovaCare. She is a graduate of biological sciences from the Binghamton University, and she also holds a master’s degree from the University of New York. Read more about Penelope on

Rick Shinto

Dr. Rick leads InnovaCare as the company CEO. He has been a senior officer in AVETA Inc. where he held the post of the firm CEO. With over 20 years in the health industry, Rick has experience in running all health operations. Among the companies that he worked for is NAMM, which has an excellent reputation in America. The lessons from his previous companies made him the most suitable person to hold the CEO position in InnovaCare.

Rick studied at the State University of New York and the California University where he studied Sciences and Medicine. He also possesses an MBA from the prestigious Redlands University. The leadership skills that Penelope and Rick possess contribute largely to the success of InnovaCare.

Reasons why investing in government coins is profitable venture

PR Newswire stated that US Money Reserve  is a private organization that distributes and sell government precious metals. The company was founded in 2001. Over the period, it has sold more than one million gold, silver and platinum coins to hundreds of thousands of clients.

The production of these coins is carried out by the government and these agencies help in redistribution to consumers in different markets. Quality is assured since the best production procedure is followed. The assets are of high value and can be stored safely by banks.

An increase in demand for these precious metals has been noted in many states. Investors buy these metals in large numbers to store their wealth. Choosing a higher risk bearing portfolio can lead to higher profits. Keeping your wealth in this form is therefore encouraged. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Here are some roles of US Money Reserve in this market;

  • Advising investors on suitable coins: the company has many employees who are skilled in different sectors. Investors seek information regarding the bets investment opportunities they have upon purchasing these coins. Diverse options are available to them since there are gold, silver, and platinum coins where investment can be made into. Their professionals study market trends on these assets thus will give better advice to investors.
  • Commitment to improving the trust of their customers: the most important thing for any company to win customers trust is by guaranteeing them safety on their investment. Experts from the company have been on the fore line is guaranteeing customers get better services. The president of the company worked in a government Mint thus is knowledgeable on uses of these coins and how profitable they could be.
  • Fast and safe shipping of coins: the process of buying coins is simple. You place an order online, and processing is complete within 24 hours. No charges for shipping the package to your destination applies. The package is shipped by UPS or USPS which are government openings that allow fast delivery to clients. The waiting period is about 5-7 days, and you have your assets ready for trading.
  • Buy back guarantee: at times, a customer may not be contented with coins delivered. The company gives a 30 days grace period where one can send back the coins and get compensated for it. The commitment to improving customer relation is great thus you will be guided in making the application for a refund. The money is processed and credited to your credit card or bank account.

Sawyer Howitt’s Roles At Meriwether Group

Sawyer Howitt is a young man who has earned a role at Meriwether Group in Portland, Oregon. His first job was at KURE Juice Bar where he served in a customer service position. He was brought into Meriwether Group as a Business Strategy Analyst in 2015 and in 2017 was elevated to the position of Project Manager.

Meriwether Group is a team of professionals who regard entrepreneurs as the heroes of the nation’s economy. They help these entrepreneurs build their businesses and increase their revenue and growth. They also help these companies raise capital that is needed to increase the scope of the business or enter new markets. The company was founded by David Howitt who operates as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

When Sawyer Howitt first joined Meriwether Group, his role as a Business Strategy Analyst involved working with a select team of the company’s management on a RFID Checkout project. This project was meant to change how people experience shopping in a retail store by developing new technology that makes use of RFID tags.

After earning his current role as a Project Manager, Sawyer Howitt is focused on changing how commerce itself works by developing new ways of scaling business development. He has developed a deep level of experience in analyzing a brand’s strengths and what makes it appealing to customers. Additionally, he is fast becoming an expert on designing complex spreadsheets that are used to analyze business information that leads to making good executive decisions.

Check out Sawyer Howitt on Fundacity to learn more.

How Roberto Santiago became a top Businessman in Brazil

Roberto Santiago is an individual has been successful in various business undertakings. He is a resident of Joao Pessoa, Brazil and owns various enterprises in the coastal city. Santiago has gained recognition due to the success of his malls that is known as the Manaira Shopping Mall. The facility is highly modern even though its construction was completed in 1989. Another major property that he owns is called the Mangabeira Shopping Mall. Roberto is dedicated to offering excellent services to his clients and has made sure that the two shopping places have modern entertainment facilities, which ensure that all the shoppers have a superb time. The business mogul started venturing into entrepreneurship undertakings when he was still a teenager, and he is currently 59 years old. The wealth of experience that has gained in all these years has enabled him to understand how to transform opportunities into successful ventures.

Santiago has spent most of his lifetime is Joao Pessoa. He got his education at Pio X-Marist College and later graduated with a B.A from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. His level of education has also supported him to be successful in business. Roberto was once employed by an eatery that is based in Santa Rosa. He made some savings from the job and managed to get sufficient capital to venture into business. The first company that Santiago founded dealt with cartonnage products that were used for decorative purposes. He retailed the products and made profits that enabled him to expand his business ventures. Learn more about Roberto Santiago at Wikipedia

Roberto then kicked off the construction of the Manaira Shopping Mall in 1987. It has been the most preferred shopping place in the city from the time when it was launched in 1989. The mall is Joao Pessoa’s largest and has been visited by hundreds of thousands of shoppers for the past 25 years. It is regarded as one the major landmarks in the area. Roberto Santiago takes part in the management of the mall. He conducts regular renovations and expansions that have enabled it to accommodate the rising population of the city. All the facilities that have been installed at the mall are very modern.

Manaira Shopping currently has about 280 enterprises that run in it. They include food courts, game centers, fashion stores, food courts, movie theaters, and electronic amusement parks. The malls’ entertainment facilities are outstanding and cannot be matched by its competitors. It also has a hall that used for hosting various events in the city. Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall has managed to attract customers from different parts of the Brazil due to its excellent reputation. The location of the mall enables customers to have fantastic views of the beautiful beaches of the Joao Pessoa. Read more on Mundo Do Marketing

Empowering People Using Information

Information is power. Information is eye-opening and enables an individual to think without bias. Paul Mampilly is an editor of information that educates people on investment.

Paul Mampilly is an American investor with firsthand experience in investing. He has worked with various magazines to share information about the investment field. Paul’s expertise in writing and investing makes him an authority in his career. He has more than 400,000 subscribers among the people who access his articles. He is currently serving as the senior editor of Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes.

Paul Mampilly’s expertise makes his work credible and trustworthy. The consumers trust Paul Mampilly’s work. His work is held in high esteem because most people seem to enjoy it. He writes in a simple method that enables the readers to understand his articles. He writes from a place where his readers can relate. He shares some of the lessons that he has learned from his investment journey. Paul avoids jargon because it is a turn off to readers who enjoy reading simple and easy articles in most cases.

The career history of Paul Mampilly is outstanding. He has worked as a banker where he managed multi-millions dollar accounts at Swiss Bank. His experience in banking serves as a resource in his writing career since it doubles up for him. It serves as a lesson for young business writers. They should write from the point of experience rather than a point where the reader cannot relate to them. The young writers should learn to write smooth and precise stories so that readers can enjoy reading them. Paul Mampilly shows that the consistency of writing readable content attracts the loyalty of the readers. A person eventually builds a brand and a following. Paul has great passion in what he does. He remains a role model to many people in society.

Learn more about Paul Mampilly:

George Soros Makes Things Better for People

People who live in poverty often do not have the resources that they need to make informed decisions. This can lead to them not voting in an informed way or not voting at all. Both of these have negative consequences and can be a huge problem for people who are not able to get what they can out of different situations. It is something that has a negative effect on the way that things work for people and on the options that are available to them. Some don’t even know what a democracy is or that they are not living in a country that is a true democracy. Instead, they think that they are not going to be able to get what they can out of the options that they have. This is something that can be detrimental and something that they need to do to make sure that they are getting what they can.

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For George Soros, educating people is one of the best ways to make the country a better place. He wants to see a true democracy emerge out of the problems that have come from the United States in the past. He also knows that it is necessary to make sure that things are going to work out for people who may not have the same opportunities. He has educated thousands of people on the voting choices that they have and on what different terms in politics mean. He wants them to be aware of the options that are available to them. Visit to know more about George.

Throughout the time that George Soros has been helping people and working as a philanthropist, he has spent over 12 billion dollars. The Open Society Foundation reports that he is doing what he can and that he spends money on things that need to happen so that he can try new things for the other people who have not had the same type of opportunities as him. It has allowed him the chance to make sure that things are going to get better and that the country is going to be one of the best ones in the world. He wants to see the United States as a true democracy.

For George Soros, trying new things is something that can make a world of difference in the way that things work out. The Open Society Foundation reports that he has done a lot to help different people. They want to make sure that they are doing what they can to show people that he is doing different things and that he has been a huge help in the American political system. They do what they can to help support the philanthropic efforts that George Soros has done for different countries and in different areas of the United States.

Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

US Money Reserve Brings A Great Website Experience

US Money Reserve, the premier precious metal distributor, brought a greater website experience this time with a new site design. The new look of the site is translating the firm’s status as the leader in the precious metal industry, and the features show its commitment to give superior customer experience with customized services.

The site comes up with a number of features that includes a highly convenient e-commerce platform and a photo gallery with high-quality images of various bullion and the president of U.S. Money Reserve and former U.S. Mint Director Philip Diehl. The website also has the option to educate the new customers about the trading on the platform and bullion industry along with helping the customers to make the purchase.

Ryan Buchanan, the VP of Creative and Brand who took care of the website redesign said, “We have a greatly-responsive tool now which helps us to create quality content across the platforms to help in interacting with our customers and offering best precious metal products.

Ryan took a special focus on adding a number of highly useful features that are helpful for educating the customers as well as helping them to trade. The online retail platform of the website offers live prices of various precious metals, the collection of special metal coins, deals, etc. The website also offers PCGS certified coins and other specialized products for frequent buyers. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The users can also get the gold information kit by signing up for it on the website. The website has additionally a Knowledge Center which gives various procedures, process, and tips on coin minting, purchasing, and grading. The News Room of the site gives latest information and updates on the industry.

The feature called Client-Connect Advantage gives the options to secure offline transactions, purchasing assistance, special offline releases, and one-on-one consultations. Additionally, the firm offers a BuyBack Guarantee for 30 days, and this means that any customer can return his or her product in 30 days and get a full value refund based on the then price.

US Money Reserve also offers excellent investment plans based on precious metals. The Gold Standard IRA is a unique retirement program based on gold investment. Since it founded in 2001, the firm has grown steadily in the market and became the largest distributor of precious metals including the official supplier of U.S. and foreign governments issued bullion.

The Texas-based firm is also a frontrunner in coin research and has a customer base of 400,000 individuals until the date.