Cotemar-The Leading Petroleum Service Company of Mexico

Cotemar is a company which began in 1997 as a service company for energy service and developed into a company which provides service to Pemex (Petrōleos Mexicanos).

The company has set high standards for itself and their employees. The mission of the company is to provide the highest service in the oil industry, while providing quality, staying safe and protection the environment to the success of their clients. They are committed to their employees, strong institutional values and contributing responsibly to the development of Mexico.

Cotemar as a company provides a variety of services to Pemex. They include food and lodging on shore and off. Along with catering they also will take care of washing and ironing, cleaning common areas as well as sleeping accommodations. The company has a vast array of vessels which include transportation for people or light materials; barges and tow ships for transportation of large structures; and firefighting vessels. In order to maintain safety, the vessels are regularly maintained and inspected. They also provide engineers and staff for maintenance of the platforms and processing centers for modernization or installations. The company is able to transport staff from one complex to another quickly.

The company takes great pride in its strong guidelines and regulations for the protection of the environment. Anyone working on land, on a vessel or in the water is not allowed to discharge waste, into the air or water or onto the soil without proper treatment. There are guidelines for employees to follow should a incident occur. They forbid fishing, capture, trade or deliberate involvement of any aquatic or terrestrial organism.

The company has a code of Ethics and Conduct, in which all employees are expected to follow. They also provide training and workshops for employees. Cotemar is committed to its customers, suppliers, partners and shareholders, along with their government, society and competitors.

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  1. Contemar has the lead in the petroleum sector in Mexico and they do not just stop there they have more ethical profile. This is important as write my research paper for me showed that there are newer directions in technology to be made and the secondary thing is to make sure the environment; aquatic, terrestrial and atmosphere is preserved.

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