How Bridget Scarr Uses Creativity to Accelerate Growth in her Firms

Bridget Scarr is a seasoned creative director who develops and produces engaging, thought provoking, uplifting and inspirational content with an edge that encourages the mind and stirs the soul like a cup of hot cocoa.


Her love for creative arts saw her study Drama, majoring in Design and Dance Choreography. Upon joining the film industry, she pursued her career in television and film eventually slipping into the role of a production assistant.


The role nurtured her creative mindset and her good people skills enabled her to gain perspective of the creative world, resulting in great growth and visible success in the business.


With over 15 years production experience, Bridget has been able to take the entertainment, media and technology group on a path of growth involving several co-productions with foreign producers.


The producers pooled their artistic, technical, creative and financial resources to co-produce some international projects that are extremely lucrative. Her projects resonate with larger audiences in both an intellectually and emotionally stimulating fashion.


Through her companies, Bridget produces award-winning content for various companies across advertising, digital media, brands, and broadcasters.


Bridget Scarr meditates to keep her creative spirit inspired and activated. The more creative she feels, the healthier and happier she becomes. With a focus to nurture her creativity, Bridget feels new ideas blossoming, sees new opportunities to feel more connected to the universe.


Bridget’s constantly urging creatives to take time out be it in nature, a little laughter, experimenting with creative activities, eating healthy, exercising. A well rested mind and body, inspire creativity.


The film industry has come a long way and one trend that excites Bridget is the Virtual Reality. She believes that virtual reality is so affecting given the interactivity and immersion, which combine together to create limitless possibilities. This creates memorable as well as exciting experiences for everyone, but most importantly for students and scholars.


In her spare time, Bridget also reads and she recommends Davidji’s Destressifying Guide to personal empowerment, peace of mind, and lasting fulfillment which teaches one to transform your understanding of stress and to use stress to grow yourself.


This incredibly talented yet humble soul believes in the profound healing and restoration powers of meditation. Bridget argues that meditation helps us to conjure up the vital energy need to overcome the obstacles we face daily. The ancient healing practice is what helps Bridget stay 100% focused while making her bring her production work to life.

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