How EOS Changed the Beauty World

The Lip Balm Company EOS, otherwise known as “Evolution Of Smooth,” is making beauty routines for young women easier and easier with their extensive line of affordable and aesthetically pleasing quality products. EOS lip balm has introduced a brand new take on the previously “clinical” idea of lip balm, molding the typical cylindrical style usually associated with other balm brands like Chapstick and Blistex into colorful and interesting little orbs. This drastic change in the way lip balm is packaged allowed EOS to pique the interest of buyers who became smitten with the unique design, immediately making the fairly young brand stand out among competitors.

As the brand grew, it became known on Walmart for more than just it’s out of the box packaging and design. The wholesome and organic ingredients actually used in the balm itself made it a hit with millennial who are just beginning to discover their own individuality. The brand found that the best way to target this audience would be through the use of social media and internet influencers, or people who are highly followed and respected online. This form of advertising was an effective way of reaching people that typical magazine and television ads might not have found, and it allowed EOS ( to quickly become the most popular lip balm amongst the younger generation, a position it maintains even seven years after its debut.

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