How EOS Changed the Beauty World

The Lip Balm Company EOS, otherwise known as “Evolution Of Smooth,” is making beauty routines for young women easier and easier with their extensive line of affordable and aesthetically pleasing quality products. EOS lip balm has introduced a brand new take on the previously “clinical” idea of lip balm, molding the typical cylindrical style usually associated with other balm brands like Chapstick and Blistex into colorful and interesting little orbs. This drastic change in the way lip balm is packaged allowed EOS to pique the interest of buyers who became smitten with the unique design, immediately making the fairly young brand stand out among competitors.

As the brand grew, it became known on Walmart for more than just it’s out of the box packaging and design. The wholesome and organic ingredients actually used in the balm itself made it a hit with millennial who are just beginning to discover their own individuality. The brand found that the best way to target this audience would be through the use of social media and internet influencers, or people who are highly followed and respected online. This form of advertising was an effective way of reaching people that typical magazine and television ads might not have found, and it allowed EOS ( to quickly become the most popular lip balm amongst the younger generation, a position it maintains even seven years after its debut.

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Why Financial Expert Tim Armour Disagrees With Warren Buffett’s Investment Strategy

Warren Buffett has long advised that most investors would be best served by simply investing in a passive index fund that tracks the S&P 500 and then holding it. He has said that due to the high fees and poor management that tend to happen with actively managed funds they are best avoided.

Tim Armour, the Chief Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capital group, agrees that too many actively managed funds charge too much, underperform the market, and excessively trade which also reduces investors gains. However, he said this doesn’t tell the whole story about active investment. There are active funds that do better than a passive fund because they don’t charge high fees, don’t excessively trade, and most importantly has a significant portion of the fund managers own money in it. Another reason that Armour said to be cautious about passive funds is that there is no protection from market volatility and losses when the markets fall.

Tim Armour, who has over 30 years of experience in the financial industry, has spent his entire career with Capital Group Companies and has steadily climbed the ladder of responsibility with the firm. While he is Chief Chairman and CEO he continues his career at Capital Group as a financial adviser.

Armour first joined Capital Group in their The Associates Program when he was just out of college. Afterward, he worked as an Equity Investment Analyst where he covered U.S. service companies and global communications. His biggest career move took place in July 2015 when he took over as Chairman of the Board after James Rothenberg, the previous Chairman, died. Tim Armour has led the financial firm to an organization that has almost $1.4 trillion in assets under management. He lives in Los Angeles, California, where Capital Group is headquartered.

Cotemar’s Role in the Oil and Gas Industry

Cotemar is a Mexican firm that provides services in the oil and gas industry. It was founded in 1979 with the aim of offering services to the energy sector. During this time, Cotemar worked for Petroleos Mexicanos. Over the years, Cotemar has come to be ranked among the highest rated offshore service firms dealing in the oil and gas sector.






Initially, Cotemar offered accommodation, catering, and specialized devices for the Campeche Bay. In 1981, Cotemar had grown immensely and had a bigger fleet and increased capability of transporting personnel and materials. In 1985, the firm got its first rig which served as an accommodation facility. In 1996, Cotemar extended its share in the market and increased its fleet to three rigs and three vessels. In 2012, in partnership with COSCO, the firm intended to build semi-submersible cranes, and maintenance vessels for transporting liquid and solid materials. In 2015, the firm launched two semi-submersible rigs to help them venture into the onshore upstream business. One year later, one of Cotemar’s subsidiaries got the Moloacan tender, in Veracruz. Currently, Cotemar is still expanding and has made a name for itself as an authority in gas and oil services in Mexico.



Services Offered by Cotemar



Cotemar provides services through three lines. The first line is the modernization, construction, engineering, and maintenance. The second line is special marine support boats for transporting personnel, light materials, and food. Cotemar also has fire-fighting barges, vessels, and tow ships for transporting huge structures. All these vessels are monitored and inspected to ensure the safety of facilities and personnel inside. The third line is lodging and food services provided in form of cleaning common areas, bedding services, ironing, food preparation, and washing.



What it is Like Working For Cotemar?



Many employees claim that the working environment at Cotemar is pleasant and ensures minimal accidents. Employees at Cotemar are trained on safety measures and how to execute services responsibly. Employees also commend Cotemar’s commitment towards its employees, and the excellent lodging and food facilities offered.



Values of Cotemar



Cotemar is guided by the values of customer superiority. This means that the customer is always right and for good business, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. The other value that guides operations at Cotemar is dependability. For services to be executed effectively, employees have to depend on each other. Last but not least, Cotemar aims at winning the trust of its customers, and this can only be achieved by offering quality services.

Responsabilidad Social Empresarial


Securus Technologies Unveils the Wireless Containment Solutions in a Strategic Move to Dominate the Correctional Industry

Securus Technologies has recently grabbed the headlines based on its latest technical development. Apart from being a top provider of criminal justice hi-tech solutions to correctional facilities, the company has also gone a step further to implement its latest innovation; the Wireless Containment Solution(WCS).


How it Works


Through the invention, Securus aims at preventing the illegal entry of contraband cell phones into the commercial mobile network. Not only will the new program prevent unethical hacking, but it will also conduct reconnaissance on contraband cellphones used in the execution of crimes. With it, the company will have made significant strides in preventing and solving crimes.


While addressing a congregation of stakeholders, Mr. Richard Smith, Securus’ Chairman and CEO, hailed the government’s proactive contribution in identifying and containing various forms of security threats channeled through unlawful communication. The Wireless Containment Solutions software’s presence in several States is a testament to the company’s commitment to keeping the public safe from both internal and external threats. Such unprecedented success can only be attributed to Securus’ highly skilled team of experts. With their aid, they have exuded aggressive determination and expertise in deploying high-quality solutions to managing cell phone use in penitentiaries across the U.S.


A sneak peek into Securus’ management reveals essential details as to why the enterprise has thrived where others have failed. Unlike its rivals, Securus Technologies possesses the state-of-the-art technology, unmatched expertise, and a constant drive to deliver satisfactory results. More importantly, they identify suspicious content disseminated through cellphones and provide rapid responses to thwart any potential threats. With the development of the Wireless Containment Solution, Securus possesses the cunning ability to prevent unauthorized phone calls from accessing the network and causing immense damage to families, witnesses, inmates, friends or even police officers.


According to Smith, the Wireless Containment Solutions contains patented technology that provides it with unlimited access to monitor various calls while allowing various Agencies to take appropriate action. Its flexible features can be customized based on the unique policies implemented within a particular correctional institution. Since cell phones pose the biggest threat to correctional facilities, Securus Technologies has gone above and beyond to tackle this menace efficiently.


Profile of Securus Technologies


Securus is widely known as the leading provider of tech solutions to more than 3,450 correctional institutions and law enforcement agencies across the U.S. Based in Dallas, Texas, it has successfully served over one million inmates across North America courtesy of its compelling products and services.


Tammy Mazzocco Is Passionate About Investing In Her Clients

Successful real estate agent Tammy Mazzocco ( starts her day with some light stretching and meditating. Then she goes to work, getting on the phone and answering emails. Encompassing her entire career, real estate is Tammy Mazzocco’s passion. She began her career as a secretary at The Edwards Realty Company. She spent seven years at Scotland Yard Condominiums, a real estate management company.

In 1995, Tammy Mazzocco became a licensed real estate agent after the recommendation made by her former boss and teacher, Ken Cook. Learning all she could from her mentor, she moved on to become a multi-site property manager at T&R Properties. Just a few years later in 1998, she became a licensed personal assistant for Joe Armeni, a top RE/MAX producer.

Her experience with Armeni would prove invaluable, as it taught her the day-to-day operations of a very successful real estate agent. In 1999, Tammy Mazzocco decided to make real estate her full-time career. She joined Judy Gang & Associates in 2000, using mentor Judy Gang as an inspiration to become a successful residential real estate agent in Central Ohio.

Ideas come easy to her after research, brainstorming and planning. She sets goals and breaks each of them down into steps and tasks to be done to reach the goal. She is a face-to-face kind of person, knowing that getting the face-to-face appointment will allow her a higher likelihood of a sale. Tammy loves the interaction involved with business.

Tammy Mazzocco focuses on each client like she would want for herself. Instead of focusing on the commission at the end of the sale, she stays in the moment, investing all of her energy into her investment in the client. She knows that good relationships are necessary in the real estate industry, as she fosters relationships with clients, communities, and other companies.

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Why You Need To Know About Hussain Sajwani

If you want to be aware of who the real power players are in the Middle East, you need to know about Hussain Sajwani. Hussain Sajwani is the President of DAMAC Properties, the largest private real estate developer in the Middle East. He has been a significant real estate developer in the region since the 1990’s and continues to be a major influence today. He is listed as one of the 100 most influential Arabs in the world today.


How He Built His Success

Hussain Sajwani was born in 1956 and attended the University of Washington where he earned his degree in Economics. He became a contacts manager for GASCO. In 1992, he formed the Draieh Management Services Co, or DAMAC. Initially, the company was a specialty catering company. He founded DAMAC Properties is 2002 and began to purchase property in Dubai. He focused on undeveloped land, and within six months he sold his first property, a 38 story residential building. Sajwani is a big supporter of Dubai and promotes it on a regular basis.


He Has A Strong Relationship With Donald Trump

Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC teamed up with Donald Trump in 2013 to build two premier golf courses in Dubai. In February 2017, the Trump International Golf Course Dubai opened, and the Trump World Golf Course will open in the last quarter of 2018. Donald Trump calls Sajwani, “a very, very, very amazing man.”

DAMAC Properties has built over 44,000 luxury living units and employs over 2000 people. The company is publicly traded on the Dubai Financial Market.


Hussain Sajwani Believes In Helping

Hussain Sajwani recently donated over a $500,000 to a charitable organization that provides clothing to underprivileged children around the world. The donations will clothe more than 50,000 children. Sajwani said, ” The young are the future of society, and it is crucially important to provide the right environment to give them the very best possible start in life.”

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Cotemar-The Leading Petroleum Service Company of Mexico

Cotemar is a company which began in 1997 as a service company for energy service and developed into a company which provides service to Pemex (Petrōleos Mexicanos).

The company has set high standards for itself and their employees. The mission of the company is to provide the highest service in the oil industry, while providing quality, staying safe and protection the environment to the success of their clients. They are committed to their employees, strong institutional values and contributing responsibly to the development of Mexico.

Cotemar as a company provides a variety of services to Pemex. They include food and lodging on shore and off. Along with catering they also will take care of washing and ironing, cleaning common areas as well as sleeping accommodations. The company has a vast array of vessels which include transportation for people or light materials; barges and tow ships for transportation of large structures; and firefighting vessels. In order to maintain safety, the vessels are regularly maintained and inspected. They also provide engineers and staff for maintenance of the platforms and processing centers for modernization or installations. The company is able to transport staff from one complex to another quickly.

The company takes great pride in its strong guidelines and regulations for the protection of the environment. Anyone working on land, on a vessel or in the water is not allowed to discharge waste, into the air or water or onto the soil without proper treatment. There are guidelines for employees to follow should a incident occur. They forbid fishing, capture, trade or deliberate involvement of any aquatic or terrestrial organism.

The company has a code of Ethics and Conduct, in which all employees are expected to follow. They also provide training and workshops for employees. Cotemar is committed to its customers, suppliers, partners and shareholders, along with their government, society and competitors.

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Why Fabletics is the Best of the Best

Fabletics is an athleisure brand that offers quality and affordable fitness clothes. Fabletics has turned out to be a relatively successful company because of the excellent service and quality products that they offer. Many reviews have been written about them online for various blogs and publications.


Users of the site Trust Pilot had some good things to say about the company. One user stated that they were excited to try Fabletics because they had some designs that the user wanted to try. One user who gave it a five-star rating said that the services and products were excellent and that they were excited to see the different items that they would get each month. Another user who gave it a five-star rating said that the brand was great and that the website was easy to navigate. Many people who had bought from Fabletics stated that they were impressed with the quality of the product, the website, and the price of the items.


A Foodie Stays Fit is a popular blog. A Foodie Stays Fit reviewed the products and the experience and had a lot to say about Fabletics. She noted that the quality of the products surpassed her expectations if you take into account the price she paid for them. She pointed out that they were thick enough to guarantee decency and that they maintained their compression and shape even after periods of wear.


The tops impressed her too with how they were soft and compact allowing her to feel comfortable. The styling of the clothing from Fabletics was top notch. They had a wide array of designs. She noted that they had something for everyone and it was not hard to find something that you like. The Oula tanks were her favorite. She recommends them to anyone that is looking to try out Fabletics.


The ladies at Krazy Coupon Lady also went out and bought Fabletics products and wrote a review about the experience. They noted that the quality was above average and the price was fair compared to other high profile brands. They gave both the Switch Back Tee and the Vassa Sports Bra four stars out of five because of the style and functionality that they offer. The Lima Capri and the Salar Capri received five out of five stars each because of the price, the styling, and compression that they have.

What Makes Wen by Chaz Unique?

Today women are searching for hair care products that do more than wash their hair with detergents that can be harsh and filled with potentially dangerous chemicals. Women (and men) want products that are environmentally friendly as well as friendly to the health of their hair. All of this is why Wen by Chaz, a new hair care product line developed by stylist Chaz Dean, has made a place for itself in the highly competitive world of hair care.

Products That Are Truly Natural

Dean developed his product line when he heard many of his salon customers talking about how much they wanted all-in-one products that would clean and condition their hair without using harsh detergents. The products in the Wen by Chaz line use natural ingredients that treat the hair gently and bring out its natural luster and shine. Since these products use so many natural ingredients, they have an incredible scent that is absolutely luscious, making each wash a beautiful aromatherapy experience!

A Unique Product Line

The Wen by Chaz product line is unique in its dedication to bringing out the best in your hair while staying very organic and natural. Wen customers can choose from a range of incredible scents in the popular Wen cleansing and conditioning line, and all of them are absolutely delicious, and great for your hair.

The Wen cleansing conditioners range from the original formula, Sweet Almond Mint

(great for all hair types), to luscious Winter Vanilla (gentle and soy based with tones of vanilla, mint and a touch of cocoa) and Winter Red Currant (a limited edition product with an antioxidant rich four tea complex in its ingredients along with added amino acids for strengthening).

Users can also choose from scents like Fig Cleansing Conditioner (great for healing damaged hair) and Lavender (for volume boosting). The Wen by Chaz product line gives hair care enthusiasts a wide range of incredible choices, and they all smell incredibly good, even as they heal and restore your hair.

Is it time to do something really great for your hair? Buy Wen by Chaz and give the hair care product line a try, and find out how truly lovely your hair can be.

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Benefits of Video Visitation with Securus

If you have a loved one behind bars, one of the first things were going to notice is that it is very difficult to keep in touch with them on a regular basis. This can be made it even worse during the holiday season because you feel you cannot see that person regularly enough and you feel like you are leaving them out of the family because of this. Christmas video visitation can be incredibly easy for you to make you so right from the comfort of your own home using a company known as Securus.


Securus has been one of the best companies out there for myself and a loved one because it allowed us to video visit each other even during the holiday season. This simply meant that I did not have to make those long and boring trips to the prison just to see my loved one and it enabled us to have a better contact with each other without needing to actually be right next to each other in prison. Securus is also completely secure and professional for you to make you some and it is something that I have continually recommended to people no matter what their current situation is like.


This allows that person to feel totally connected to you and your loved ones because they feel like they are still part of the family even though they are miles and miles away from you. You will also find that the quality of the video during the video visitation using Securus is one of the best that you have probably ever seen in the past. This allows you to truly feel like they are there with you and gives them the comfort that they need during the holiday season.


For anyone who has struggled in the past to keep in touch with a loved one in prison during the holiday season, Securus can totally take the guesswork out of it for you as it has for me and so many other prison families out there. Dealing with a loved one behind bars during Christmas can be one of the most difficult things you have ever had to do in your life because you feel like that person is not able to be with the family like they used to. To get rid of this issue, all you need to begin doing is using Securus video visitation and make sure that you keep in touch with that person all throughout the holiday season.


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