Paul Mampilly Provides Investment Services For Others

Paul Mampilly is a well-known investor with more than two decades of experience behind him today. Not only does Paul actively trade on the stock markets, but he is an active advisor who regularly publishes articles through Banyan Hill Publishing. Through this investment strategy company, Paul has helped thousands of the investors that pop in making better investment decisions and improve their careers. During the years of 2008 and 2009, the economic crash, Paul Mampilly showed excellent business strategy and his capability to innovate to build a successful company in the investment industry, Kinetics Asset Management.

Paul has worked hard over the years to accomplish his goals as an entrepreneur and he became a truly successful entrepreneur once he founded Kinetics Asset Mangement. Paul has had the privilege of working at several large corporations over the years, contributing to his impressive knowledge in the financial industry, not just within the United States, but around the globe as well. At Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul Mampilly is a weekly writer that tries to push investors towards high-value stocks that will increase over time as well as maintain their safety.

Throughout his career, Paul Mampilly has been advising individuals and companies all over the country and even internationally to some degree. Paul has proven himself as a leading figure in the investing world with his innovative strategies and constant success. Thousands of investors at Banyan Hill are tuning in to read what Paul has to say about the financial markets and what companies are best to start investing in for the future. Paul Mampilly is an expert on the stock markets on an international scale and is capable of building excellent business structures and models for companies to follow. Many companies have been able to jump to the next level in the corporate world thanks to Paul’s efforts in the financial sector.

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PSI- Pay Works to Impliment the GDPR

The new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) recently went into effect, and both consumers and companies are trying to find out how this set of new regulations affect them. The banking industry has already been working to change how they collect and protect consumer data after the recent security breaches by Equifax and because of the Cambridge Analytica scandel, and these new regulations give more guidlines on how banks, financial instutions, and other companies handle sensitive data, including race, gender, and sexual orientation of their customers.


The GDPR, which is now in place after a two year rollout of the plan that began in 2016, is a broad mandate that applies to any data that could be considered sensitive, including the aformentioned types of data. Under this new regulation of sensitive data, these types of data can only be stored as long as they are currently being used. Any online platform that uses this kind of data may only use the data for reasons that they specify and disclose to their customers. They must also allow customers to know what data has been collected, and allow them to recieve a copy of this data. Once the platform has finished using the data, it must be erased.


PSI-Pay is a privately held e-money institution based out of Horsham, West Sussex in the UK. PSI-Pay and other companies like them are working to restore customer trust by complying with these new regulations. The new regulations are designed to help customers feel safe and secure about the data that they share online.



Based in Horsham, West Sussex, this e-money institution, which is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority allows thier partners to do what they do best. Through their customers they issue debit, prepaid payment cards, contactless programs, and virtual payment programs accross the EEA. PSI-Pay is dedicated to ensuring that safety and security of thier clients data and employs dedicated agents to help ensure that these new regulations imposed by the GDPR are not only met, but are exceeded. They believe in the transparency and safety of data usage that these new regulations uphold.

Jeff Herman Maintains Focus On Keeping Children Safe From Abuse

Jeff Herman did not plan to become an Advocate For Child Sex Abuse Victims when he decided to attend law school. Herman was originally a commercial litigator once finished with his education and was performing well at the job despite finding that it denied necessarily provide him with a sense of purpose.

This all changed two decades ago when two distraught parents reached out to Jeff for his help. The couple’s four-year-old autistic son came home one day and reported to them that an employee at the school known to him as Mr. Dan had touched his ‘pee-pee.’

Jeff Herman conducted a swift, independent investigation and learned that Mr. Dan was a convicted pedophile that had moved from California to Florida to escape the record against him. Herman was shocked to learn that the preschool in question failed to conduct a background check on Mr. Dan and this resulted in him being allowed to molest 20 children at the school before being stopped.

With this revelation, Jeff Herman had discovered his purpose in life. He decided at this point in his life that his legal training will be used to assuring that institutions that fail to protect children and others they serve be held accountable.

He then He founded Jeff Herman Law and made its watchword “VOICE FOR VICTIMS.” Since then, for over a decade, Herman has made national headlines exposing sexual predators and the institutions that protect them.

Jeff Herman’s advice to parents is to talk to their children about what is and what is not appropriate touching between themselves and adults. He implores parents to not let the uncomfortable nature of this conversation to deter from this important responsibility as many convicted pedophiles are on record explaining that the ignorance of children regarding this matter is a major enabler for them.

Herman says that a parent’s best efforts are not a guarantee that a child will remain safe from child predators but explains that a child that is well educated regarding proper boundaries and has a family that keeps the lines of communication open, are at much less risk than children that do not have the benefit of these things.

Jeff Herman is a dedicated warrior in the fight to keep children and individuals safe from sexual abuse and fights on their behalf to achieve justice when they are failed by other elements of the system.


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Vinod Gupta – Businessman, Investor, And Philanthropist

Vinod Gupta is an entrepreneur and businessman with many years of experience working for a wide array of companies. Currently, Vinod Gupta serves as the General Partner of Everest Capital Partners In Nebraska. Vinod Gupta is from India, born and raised there, and was intelligent from a young age where he got into a technology school in India from finishing high school. He then attended the University of Nebraska with a bachelors degree in Agricultural Engineering.


Vinod Gupta is well rounded individual and has degrees in other studies like business and business management. Bill Clinton himself even noticed the businessman’s talent and nominated him as Counsel General to Bermuda. He retired from as Chairman of the Board for Infogroup, although, he has launched to assist business owners and sales personnel.


In an article by, Vinod Gupta gives details into the philanthropist’s life and upbringing. Vinod Gupta grew up without many resources such as electricity, roads, televisions, and cars. He made a name for himself pursuing education and moved to Nebraska to get his degree. Later he founded some companies and had extreme success in it realizing he was made to work in this industry with his expertise. His company grew as a result as he had many different clients. Go Here for additional information.


Vinod Gupta borrowed some money to fund his dream and it all worked out. Gupta has not forgotten about his roots or giving back to the community, which the article goes into thoroughly. He has donated his money to charities and access to education for many others. For example, the article mentions that Vinod donated “$1 million to establish the Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic, a school that Advocates To Women’s Education in his native town.” Gupta has also donated $2 million for the business program at the University of Nebraska.


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Paul Herdsman Gives Some Tips About Starting A New Business

Paul Herdsman, a co-founder of the near-shore firm NICE Global, recently provided some advice for others who want to also be an entrepreneur.

Paul Herdsman wrote that many people dream of starting this own business and some follow through on it. What separates the new businesses that succeed versus those that fail generally comes down to a dozen issues. In the article, “Lessons from Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman”, Herdsman gives six lessons entrepreneurs can use to be successful in business.

One of his tips is that if you want your business to succeed it really needs to be about something that you are passionate about. As Paul Herdsman explains you will be spending huge amounts of time and effort on your company so you better really care about the work you are doing. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing you will quickly burn out putting the new business on the path to ruin. He also wrote that if you want to succeed you also need to be fully willing to experience failure. You need to take a leap of faith that things will work out because there’s no way of telling if an idea is good enough to build a business around without doing so. He says what a good entrepreneur excels at is identifying the risks that are worth taking.

No single person can do everything in a business. That is why Paul Herdsman implores people who start a business to surround themselves with the best people they can. He says that you become the individuals you surround yourself with, so it pays off to make sure they are great people who are really good at what they do. He says that when hiring people to pay attention to their character and value as you can always teach people skills but you can’t teach them character.

Paul Herdsman’s last tip is to learn to say “no” to people. People will want to take up your time, your most precious commodity, by presenting you with ideas. You can’t pursue every idea presented to you so get used to telling people “no” and moving on with just the best idea.

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Beauty Boss: Doe Deere Of Lime Crime

The beauty business is huge. Billions are spent every year on beauty related products. Many people try to take their turn in cashing in on this popular industry. But not all succeed. But Doe Deere a beauty maven has been able to accomplish many things in this booming world of beauty. She is the founder of Lime Crime.


Doe Deere got involved in beauty and ecommerce years ago when the online beauty world was small. Her company was one of the first to develop pigmented makeup. Her makeup does not fall short of vibrancy. Having bold and beautiful colors has landed her company as one of the top makeup companies in the world. She began the company after uploading videos of her makeup routine. Eventually, people wanted to use the very products she was using. She saw an opportunity and took advantage of it. She created products surrounded around beautiful bright colors many other makeup company stayed away from. But although she is a makeup maven, she is an animal lover. Many makeup companies in the industry test harmful chemicals on animals. Doe Deere has made sure her company stands firmly against animal mistreatment and testing.


Lime Crime is like a cult for beauty lovers. It is a digital first brand that is still making moves today with their makeup and now hair color. Every since 2008, the company has kept a vision in mind to create high quality products and experiences that would allow a makeup lover to feel magical. This company believes in unapologetic expression. Every color of the rainbow can be found on Lime Crime’s website so makeup lovers can have an array of options.


Doe Deere has created a great reputation for her company. They are known for creating trends and innovating how people use and wear makeup. When Doe Deere stepped onto the scene, she completely changed the industry. For example, when her company launched their Velvetines collections, it stood out from other products being made by makeup companies. It was a liquid matte lipstick, which many beauty companies had not created at that time.

Paul Herdsman- Top Business Solutions Provider

If there is one area of business management that should never be ignored, then it has to customer service. The customer is king in every business. With no customer, there is no business; it is as simple as that. To be a successful business person you must value the customer. Unfortunately, this is something that many people who are in business ignore. Once you ignore such an important aspect of a business, then, you should be surprised that your business is losing more and more. Increasing and retaining customer should be the dream of every business. If as a business person you get this right, you can rest assured that your business will prosper.


If you are struggling with customer services, what should you do to improve in that area? This is an area that has been addressed by Paul Herdsman, a successful business solution provider and the co-founder of a company known as NICE Global. This is one of the companies that offer the best customer services in the world. Started in 2014 in Jamaica, it is a company which has helped many businesses, especially in the United States to meet their goal of providing the best customer services.


NICE Global, led by Paul Herdsman focus on employee satisfaction, skills, and professional growth. Paul Herdsman is also a co-founder of Inbound Call Experts LLC that has headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. Paul Herdsman’s primary areas of interest are entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology.


NICE Global has sufficient manpower to offer real customer care agents. The problem with many businesses in the United States is that they have been turning to automated stem in order to lower the cost of running a business. However, they forget one important thing that is; automated systems cannot provide the kind of support most customers need. When a customer is calling, he or she expects to talk to a person who will listen and understand the problem. The main issue with the automated systems is that they cannot offer customized services which in most cases is what is needed. Visit This Page for related information.


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Dr.Mark Mofid, an accomplished plastic surgeon, based in San Diego.

Dr. Mark Mofid is an exceptional plastic surgeon based in San Diego, California. He attended the Harvard University where he studied medicine for his undergraduate degree. In 1997, he was honored with an advanced craniofacial research fellowship at John Hopkins University.

He is a plastic surgeon that specializes in facial and body reconstructive surgery. He also has a Cultural laser for hair removal. In the past, Mark Mofid has successfully done breast reconstruction and buttock augmentation.

He operates an outpatient facility in San Diego. The medical center is staffed with qualified reconstructive personnel that helps clients from the surgery itself to the recovery process.

His dermatologist wife aids him to perform skin surgery to patients in the facility. Thousands of people visit their center to seek reconstructive, cosmetic and dermatology services.

Dr.Mark Mofid owns a platform that trains people to become dermatologists and plastic surgeons. He commits them to at most four years of training. Some of these trainees remain to work in them, and many of them go to work in hospitals as nurse practitioners.

This hiring process enables him to have highly qualified and dedicated staff. He has a website through which he advertises his surgical services to the public. However, he insists on offering top cream services as his perfect form of advertising.

His dedication to his customers makes him one of the most sought surgeons in the U.S.A. His commitment to innovation makes him one of the most successful plastic surgeons in the globe.

He is an open-minded surgeon who is always in search of new ideas to better his work. He recently designed a low profile Round Gluteal Implant that enables patients to have a more natural look after surgery.

He is currently a staff surgeon in many hospitals in California including Scripps Memorial Hospital. Dr. Mark Mofid serves in the clinical faculty at the University of California and is also a member of the American Board of Plastic Surgeons.

He has rich experience and is highly skilled in his work. His customers highly regard him for his state of the art surgery.

Roberto Santiago’s Life Changing and Impressive Mall

When people think about Manaira Shopping, they have to think about all of the work that Roberto Santiago has put into this mall. For one thing, this mall is massive. There is a lot of space to walk through. Customers also have plenty of activities they can take part in that go beyond the shopping and consumer-related activities. The environment and lighting are also going to amaze the customers as they explore some of the stores and other features that this mall has such as a full bank and even a campus. This is definitely one of the best ways for people to spend their weekends.


When it comes to shopping, there is something for everyone. While many malls can have different types of stores, not every mall can say that they have variety in every category. Manaira Shopping has variety in fashion, electronics, and plenty of other categories. People can go beyond the choices of casual, urban, and formal. They also can find some stores that carry items that are actually inspired by different cultures. Anyone who is interested in expressing themselves with clothing will be able to explore different forms of self-expression to the point where they actually find a new and unexplored aspect of themselves to present to others.


Manaira Shopping also has some of the best choices when it comes to food. There are plenty of restaurants for all types of people and occasions. There is something for people who may be in a bit of a hurry. Then there are the restaurants for people who may want to just take some time off and enjoy the environment. The best part of the restaurants of course is the food. They make sure that they hire the chefs that are very passionate about their cooking. They make sure that they add the right amount of spices and other ingredients to their food so that the flavor would be impeccable. This type of dedication and passion is shared not only with restaurants and fashion stores, but with all of the stores in Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping.


Fortress Investment Group Will Maintain The Status Quo In The Wake Of Their Softbank Acquisition

Now that SoftBank has completed their acquisition of Fortress Investment Group, a number of questions have arisen. Some are wondering if the company will maintain the same sort of organizational structure that clients have become accustomed to. Others believe that SoftBank will force out many of the major executives. In reality, the principals at Fortress Investment Group are going to remain closely involved. Pete Briger and Randy Nardone will continue to lead the company into the future. Briger is a graduate of Princeton University who has spent over two decades working in the world of asset management.He has also spent a great deal of time working with Goldman Sachs and this places him in a unique position to assist Fortress Investment Group in the wake of this latest news. As for Randy Nardone? He is equipped with the knowledge that can only be obtained by someone who has spent years working with various holdings groups and investment companies.Nardone received his education from the University of Connecticut and the School of Law at Boston University.

SoftBank is not looking to drastically change the manner in which this company runs. They are merely looking to provide their resources so that they can continue to serve as a driver for the impending Information Revolution.With the deep pockets of owner Masayoshi Son at their disposal, the sky is most certainly the limit. The Fortress Investment Group is going to continue to operate in the manner that their clients have become accustomed to. The only difference is that they are now going to operate within SoftBank itself.It is an honor and a privilege for Fortress Investment Group to join the SoftBank team. With their many holdings (which include various telecommunications companies) and their eye towards the future, this is a partnership that should produce great dividends over both the short term as well as the long haul.As for Fortress Investment Group? They became an attractive partner to SoftBank because of their diversified approach to investment.

Their ability to assist clients from a number of different sectors is one of the main reasons why Son wished to close the deal so quickly. Fortress works with companies from all over the world, including private equity firms and permanent capital firms. While the company’s common stock is no longer going to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange, all of the outstanding shares from Class A were converted as a result of the merger between Fortress and SoftBank.Shareholders were given the right to receive $8.08 in cash for each share that they possessed at the time when the merger took place. The proceedings generated by these stocks are being distributed in accordance with the previous Merger Agreement that was drawn up by Fortress Investment Group.The results of these financial consolidations will be reflected once the first fiscal quarter has been completed and all of the necessary information has been gathered. For their part, SoftBank aims to keep the culture that has allowed Fortress to thrive intact.