Orange County College Planetarium funding gets an upgrade

Orange County College is building a new planetarium to better serve its students. It hopes to do more than to better serve the students of the college. Orange County College hopes to serve many of the elementary, middle and high school students found in the hundreds of public schools throughout the California county. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

The new planetarium’s price tag of $20 million will remain the same, but the cost to the college and the state has been reduced by $1 million. The price is reduced through the donation of a retired Spanish and English teacher.

Mary McChesney decided to give the donation out of her fondness for the institution. She said that even though she is old and has not taught for many years, she still loves the institution. She wants to make sure that generations of students can continue to learn and grow because of the efforts of the institution.

The highest portion of the costs of building the new facility will go to upgrading technology. McChesney’s donation, for example, will help fund the construction of a Foucault pendulum. A Foucault pendulum is a device planetariums use to demonstrate the rotation of the Earth.

The Orange County Community College’s planetarium is receiving more than just technological upgrades. The new facility is receiving a seating upgrade over its predecessor. Previously, it could accommodate 35 people. When the new building is finished, it will accommodate over one hundred people.

As one public television personality once said, the new upgrade will allow students to see the greatest show of all: the universe.

Securus Technologies Gets the Thumbs Up From Thousands of Clients

I always say that a rave review from a real client or customer is worth a thousand dollars in advertising space. I came across an article about Securus Technologies that was filled with unsolicited reviews of how the prison security technology company’s products have enhanced security at prisons, jails and correctional institutes across North America.


I love a great review and while prison security technology may not affect many of our day to day lives, I think it is absolutely essential to know what type of technology is keeping our prisons safe in this day and age. For example, did you know that one of the biggest issues prisons are dealing with is having cell phones smuggled in? That’s right. A smuggled cell phone is now on par with drugs.


It looks like our prison security is safe in the hands of Securus. Here is just a sample of some of the great reviews they saw in the article, published on PR Newswire.


One correctional facility stated that they have thoroughly relied on Securus’ technology solutions. They also gave them props for commitment to improving public safety and revolutionizing the prison environment. Another gave an instance of how the technology had helped them in a real time environment by noting that they called Securus in the middle of an investigation about the covert alert feature. The end result was bringing a suspect into custody. Finally, Securus’ Location Based Software received a few shout outs. One of those came from a Sheriff’s department that used the LBS software to find and recoup over a million dollars of cash, drugs and other illegal items. The representative from the Sheriff’s department points out blatantly that without Securus Technologies the recovery process would have been much harder.


While prison security technology may not be the most interesting topic to you, I always try to pass on a company that has truly good reviews!


Attorney Karl Heideck Is Putting His Fury Into Writing

Attorney Karl Heideck
Attorney Karl Heideck

Attorney Karl Heideck recently released a statement in several Philadelphia newspapers and also several national newspapers. This statement included his reasons on why he is furious at United States lawmakers who chose to abolish a decision made by a Philadelphia judge. This decision would have helped regular working people, as well as professional people, receive proper wages on the job.

The decision recently made by the Philadelphia judge was a command for all employees to not ask or seek previous salaries from current and future employees. It has been discovered that many employers have been paying Americans less based on their past salaries.

Attorney Karl Heideck hopes the people of Philadelphia will fight this overturning all the way to Washington. Attorney Heideck especially hopes women will join in on this fight. This is due to how women have been treated and viewed in the job market over recent years. Even with most companies being managed by women, women in America are still underpaid.

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Attorney Karl Heideck graduated from law school with high honors. His educators from the James Beasley Law School have nothing but great things to say about him, and they have always known he would do great things. He also won several awards for outstanding achievement during his time in college, which helped him get to where he is today.

Attorney Karl Heideck landed a job with one of the best firms in the city of Philadelphia right after graduation. He gained a great experience in civil rights law as well as criminal law. Today, Attorney Karl Heideck is known as one of the best lawyers in Philadelphia. He believes his experience earned him the right to challenge lawmakers regarding their recent decision. He has promised the public that if they back him up on this issue he will back them up.

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