US Money Reserve Brings A Great Website Experience

US Money Reserve, the premier precious metal distributor, brought a greater website experience this time with a new site design. The new look of the site is translating the firm’s status as the leader in the precious metal industry, and the features show its commitment to give superior customer experience with customized services.

The site comes up with a number of features that includes a highly convenient e-commerce platform and a photo gallery with high-quality images of various bullion and the president of U.S. Money Reserve and former U.S. Mint Director Philip Diehl. The website also has the option to educate the new customers about the trading on the platform and bullion industry along with helping the customers to make the purchase.

Ryan Buchanan, the VP of Creative and Brand who took care of the website redesign said, “We have a greatly-responsive tool now which helps us to create quality content across the platforms to help in interacting with our customers and offering best precious metal products.

Ryan took a special focus on adding a number of highly useful features that are helpful for educating the customers as well as helping them to trade. The online retail platform of the website offers live prices of various precious metals, the collection of special metal coins, deals, etc. The website also offers PCGS certified coins and other specialized products for frequent buyers. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The users can also get the gold information kit by signing up for it on the website. The website has additionally a Knowledge Center which gives various procedures, process, and tips on coin minting, purchasing, and grading. The News Room of the site gives latest information and updates on the industry.

The feature called Client-Connect Advantage gives the options to secure offline transactions, purchasing assistance, special offline releases, and one-on-one consultations. Additionally, the firm offers a BuyBack Guarantee for 30 days, and this means that any customer can return his or her product in 30 days and get a full value refund based on the then price.

US Money Reserve also offers excellent investment plans based on precious metals. The Gold Standard IRA is a unique retirement program based on gold investment. Since it founded in 2001, the firm has grown steadily in the market and became the largest distributor of precious metals including the official supplier of U.S. and foreign governments issued bullion.

The Texas-based firm is also a frontrunner in coin research and has a customer base of 400,000 individuals until the date.

How EOS Changed the Beauty World

The Lip Balm Company EOS, otherwise known as “Evolution Of Smooth,” is making beauty routines for young women easier and easier with their extensive line of affordable and aesthetically pleasing quality products. EOS lip balm has introduced a brand new take on the previously “clinical” idea of lip balm, molding the typical cylindrical style usually associated with other balm brands like Chapstick and Blistex into colorful and interesting little orbs. This drastic change in the way lip balm is packaged allowed EOS to pique the interest of buyers who became smitten with the unique design, immediately making the fairly young brand stand out among competitors.

As the brand grew, it became known on Walmart for more than just it’s out of the box packaging and design. The wholesome and organic ingredients actually used in the balm itself made it a hit with millennial who are just beginning to discover their own individuality. The brand found that the best way to target this audience would be through the use of social media and internet influencers, or people who are highly followed and respected online. This form of advertising was an effective way of reaching people that typical magazine and television ads might not have found, and it allowed EOS ( to quickly become the most popular lip balm amongst the younger generation, a position it maintains even seven years after its debut.

For more information about the brand EOS and its accomplishments, take a look at this article: