Why Financial Expert Tim Armour Disagrees With Warren Buffett’s Investment Strategy

Warren Buffett has long advised that most investors would be best served by simply investing in a passive index fund that tracks the S&P 500 and then holding it. He has said that due to the high fees and poor management that tend to happen with actively managed funds they are best avoided.

Tim Armour, the Chief Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capital group, agrees that too many actively managed funds charge too much, underperform the market, and excessively trade which also reduces investors gains. However, he said this doesn’t tell the whole story about active investment. There are active funds that do better than a passive fund because they don’t charge high fees, don’t excessively trade, and most importantly has a significant portion of the fund managers own money in it. Another reason that Armour said to be cautious about passive funds is that there is no protection from market volatility and losses when the markets fall.

Tim Armour, who has over 30 years of experience in the financial industry, has spent his entire career with Capital Group Companies and has steadily climbed the ladder of responsibility with the firm. While he is Chief Chairman and CEO he continues his career at Capital Group as a financial adviser.

Armour first joined Capital Group in their The Associates Program when he was just out of college. Afterward, he worked as an Equity Investment Analyst where he covered U.S. service companies and global communications. His biggest career move took place in July 2015 when he took over as Chairman of the Board after James Rothenberg, the previous Chairman, died. Tim Armour has led the financial firm to an organization that has almost $1.4 trillion in assets under management. He lives in Los Angeles, California, where Capital Group is headquartered.

Cotemar’s Role in the Oil and Gas Industry

Cotemar is a Mexican firm that provides services in the oil and gas industry. It was founded in 1979 with the aim of offering services to the energy sector. During this time, Cotemar worked for Petroleos Mexicanos. Over the years, Cotemar has come to be ranked among the highest rated offshore service firms dealing in the oil and gas sector.






Initially, Cotemar offered accommodation, catering, and specialized devices for the Campeche Bay. In 1981, Cotemar had grown immensely and had a bigger fleet and increased capability of transporting personnel and materials. In 1985, the firm got its first rig which served as an accommodation facility. In 1996, Cotemar extended its share in the market and increased its fleet to three rigs and three vessels. In 2012, in partnership with COSCO, the firm intended to build semi-submersible cranes, and maintenance vessels for transporting liquid and solid materials. In 2015, the firm launched two semi-submersible rigs to help them venture into the onshore upstream business.



Services Offered by Cotemar



Cotemar provides services through three lines. The first line is the modernization, construction, engineering, and maintenance. The second line is special marine support boats for transporting personnel, light materials, and food. Cotemar also has fire-fighting barges, vessels, and tow ships for transporting huge structures. All these vessels are monitored and inspected to ensure the safety of facilities and personnel inside. The third line is lodging and food services provided in form of cleaning common areas, bedding services, ironing, food preparation, and washing.



What it is Like Working For Cotemar?



Many employees claim that the working environment at Cotemar is pleasant and ensures minimal accidents. Employees at Cotemar are trained on safety measures and how to execute services responsibly. Employees also commend Cotemar’s commitment towards its employees, and the excellent lodging and food facilities offered.



Values of Cotemar



Cotemar is guided by the values of customer superiority. This means that the customer is always right and for good business, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. The other value that guides operations at Cotemar is dependability. For services to be executed effectively, employees have to depend on each other. Last but not least, Cotemar aims at winning the trust of its customers, and this can only be achieved by offering quality services.


Responsabilidad Social Empresarial


Securus Technologies Unveils the Wireless Containment Solutions in a Strategic Move to Dominate the Correctional Industry

Securus Technologies has recently grabbed the headlines based on its latest technical development. Apart from being a top provider of criminal justice hi-tech solutions to correctional facilities, the company has also gone a step further to implement its latest innovation; the Wireless Containment Solution(WCS).


How it Works


Through the invention, Securus aims at preventing the illegal entry of contraband cell phones into the commercial mobile network.  With it, the company will have made significant strides in preventing and solving crimes.


While addressing a congregation of stakeholders, Mr. Richard Smith, Securus’ Chairman and CEO, hailed the government’s proactive contribution in identifying and containing various forms of security threats channeled through unlawful communication. The Wireless Containment Solutions software’s presence in several States is a testament to the company’s commitment to keeping the public safe from both internal and external threats. Such unprecedented success can only be attributed to Securus’ highly skilled team of experts. With their aid, they have exuded aggressive determination and expertise in deploying high-quality solutions to managing cell phone use in penitentiaries across the U.S.


A sneak peek into Securus’ management reveals essential details as to why the enterprise has thrived where others have failed. Unlike its rivals, Securus Technologies possesses the state-of-the-art technology, unmatched expertise, and a constant drive to deliver satisfactory results. More importantly, they identify suspicious content disseminated through cellphones and provide rapid responses to thwart any potential threats. With the development of the Wireless Containment Solution, Securus possesses the cunning ability to prevent unauthorized phone calls from accessing the network and causing immense damage to families, witnesses, inmates, friends or even police officers.


According to Smith, the Wireless Containment Solutions contains patented technology that provides it with unlimited access to monitor various calls while allowing various Agencies to take appropriate action. Its flexible features can be customized based on the unique policies implemented within a particular correctional institution. Since cell phones pose the biggest threat to correctional facilities, Securus Technologies has gone above and beyond to tackle this menace efficiently.


Profile of Securus Technologies


Securus is widely known as the leading provider of tech solutions to more than 3,450 correctional institutions and law enforcement agencies across the U.S. Based in Dallas, Texas, it has successfully served over one million inmates across North America courtesy of its compelling products and services.